Mega Earth Movers Appear

For the back filling of my foundation, I knew we needed a rubber tired loader for efficiency. I talked my neighbor in to lending his TEREX machine. . . little did I know this was a piece of equipment, which had been used in the original development of the Alaska Tundra. Okay maybe not, but the roaring of this six cylinder Detroit Diesel was deafening, similar to the snorting of the bulls in Pamplona Spain: FIERCE.

New Cottage in the Woods - Front End Loader working on new house

One feature which was a bit amusing, was the reverse beeping signal, when a machine with five foot tall tire backs up you’d damn well better be out of the way, ’cause if you’re not, they’ll just be pulp to bury in the ground. When the bucket drops down, it is an easy scoop of 4 to 6 yards of soil.

New Cottage in the Woods - Front end loader working on the new house

The fact that this was an articulating loader didn’t hurt it’s maneuverability, in our tight rear yard. The back foundation wall of “new cottage” was six tall. We had a large stock pile of earth, due to the revision of the road grade to make sure we did not exceed a 15% grade. Many bets have been made on site as to whether we have an excess soil amount, or if we will need to import dirt. The results are not in yet. . .

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