The Roof Goes On: Honey, Don’t Forget Your Hat!

We say in the home trade that the roof is the frosting on the cake. We sweat the floor arrangement, and the individual room plans, and not so much the roof design. However as builders, we know that the cascades of different roof planes, are what stimulate people’s interest, and causes them to get out of their cars, to do a quick walk through of a potential buy.

My home is unique with a lower roof pitch and with extended overhangs of four foot minimum. This is good for limiting solar gain during the summer, and for protecting the siding and windows from the elements, and finally in my unique situation, for depositing rain water directly back into the ground…even more green then a rain water infiltration system. I was pleased with the quality of installation of the composition roofing material by Sankoz Roofing.

I also am quite fond of the Frank Lloyd Wright look, of sitting on the ground lightly. The challenge is you spend more money on roofing materials, structure supporting the materials, and engineering the snow load build-up on the cantilevered eves plus the wind-up lift tie downs. This roof is hipped all around, in other words, no gable ends to “end” the flat roof planes. That said, the “look” of this structure sitting in the forest is magic. The wrap around the entire structure ties the whole building together continuously.

One thought on “The Roof Goes On: Honey, Don’t Forget Your Hat!

  1. I know I’m behind on your progress, but I remember the building stage so well and it is just EXCITING watching all the planning come to fruition!

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