Buttoning Up the House

New Cottage in the Woods - Rick Bernard - Construction - Sheet Rock Stage dryers and heaters.

We finally have permanent power installed to the cottage.

With a few job recess lights and plugged in the electric heaters to help dry out the final costs of sheet rock mud on the wall seams, and what a change! There is a feeling of warmth which I’ve never experienced in any of the interior space so far. My dream home is closer to reality.

All of the ceiling insulation has been blown in, and the underfloor blankets have been hung in the crawl space, so finally the building has the potential of retaining BTU’s we are pouring inside, thanks to JB Insulation, using advanced methods. I am so eager to find out how well the house will hold up against the cold and the heat that can come with the various seasons of the Pacific Northwest.

We’re buttoning up the house, and the paint will be on soon, then floors, cabinets and plumbing fixtures – the New Cottage in the Woods is moving quickly to becoming a magical home for the future.

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