Interior Design Coordination Decisions

Interior design and coordination seem basics enough and easy, right? If done well, I can honestly say that the end result is a spectacular home, a symphony of music from the envelope of warmth upon entering, through the hallways and rooms, one melding into the other, even the bathrooms are a part of the whole concert, a composition of effortless design and color decisions – decisions that overwhelm and intimidate me.

As I look at my New Cottage in the Woods and imagine how it will look when complete, when all the decisions are made and I can sit in a chair before my wood stove overlooking the beautiful Tualatin Valley below, sipping a cup of coffee in comfort, I don’t want to think about all the decisions necessary to get me to that moment.

It is overwhelming to process all the potential relationships of interior design decisions in an entire home, the way these personalities, the floor, walls, cabinets, counter tops, lights, walls, furniture, artwork, railings, steps, windows, curtains, all demand attention, their energy vibrating colors and how the materials relate and actually work together – or against – each other in harmonies supporting the whole.

This might sound like over-thinking, but I would insist not. You must simply slide down into the depths of the symphony of music as we listen to the various voices of the different materials in harmony.

I do not come by this interior design composition alone. I’ve worked with Susan Green, my interior designer, for almost 30 years. The element of trust is well established. Susan is a conductor of the highest degree, NOT a dominating personality or drill sergeant. The burden of decision is placed directly upon the client, in this case me.

As I stand in the shell of my empty future home, sheet rock just installed by Canby Drywall, rough wood floor underlay splattered with mud and spackle, I imagine the wood stove, the chair, the floor beneath it, and hope I make the right decisions.

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