What Do You Have In Your Drawers?

I have been involved in designing the cabinetry for “New Cottage” for the past month. Like a kind of play, I’ve been relying heavily on the rehearsal processes for my new life style in the New Cottage in the Woods. As I go through my day-to-day activities, I imagine the process I would take to incorporate these activities in the new house, working within and around a fairly limited amount of space for convenient storage access.

The appliances and sound system equipment demand specific dimensions like those designed by Sarah Susanka in “A House Not So Large.” There are conveniences designed by Mike Barclay in the “New Cottage in the Woods” included for my ease of living this new home.

Remember, this is not your home but mine, suiting my habits and my way of life. Yes, my needs and habits are similar to those of others, but I want this to be my Living in Place home, a place where I will live out the rest of my days, as long as I can, with the conveniences I’ve become accustomed to, as well as those I will need later on as the aging lifestyle settles around me. Hey, I’m a healthy active guy, but I’m building and planning for the future here.

We are working with Hayes Cabinets, located in Woodland, Washington, for high-end furniture/cabinetry. One of the problems with the concept of distilled large floor plans down to intense, small scale living – the cost per square foot goes up substantially. We are debating everything, going for the best but making decisions that reflect quality of life mixed with affordability.

There are some features I feel are absolutely mandatory in excellent cabinetry: slow close hinges on the doors and full extension drawer guides. Its a matter of personal choice for tight clearance European face frames as they yield slightly more net cubic foot of storage space, and offer a nice medical/clinical office look. Beauty, clean lines, and maximum storage.

Following the advice of Don VonAhlefeld, I am using an oak wood veneer, stained with a light gray haze, integral to the design factors in the New Cottage in the Woods, my future home.

Below are photographs supplied by VanAhlefeld as examples of what I’m talking about, with some of these on order to be in my home soon.

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