Final Thoughts

Living Room to wood stove and view - New Cottage in the Woods with Rick Bernard.I’m at a point where some of my on-going thoughts are actually about other than New Cottage concerns, pursuing other construction jobs, and personal issues such as health care and physical fitness. For over a year it would seem that I was truly preoccupied with well drilling, permits, design, road construction, financing, and the building processes.

Now I can take a deep breath. To be able to sit by the Avalon stove, and appreciate the technology and art in something as basic as burning wood, yet it functions so well. To be able to wave my hand under the arched neck of my kitchen faucet and have the water turn on and off. I’m also aware of the problem with a home with extensive hardwood flooring, it’s a breeding ground for dust bunnies. Behind the doors and under toe kicks of cabinets, beware the dust buster is coming.

Admittedly there is one challenge waiting, and that is the organization of the large garage attached to the new home. First the garage doors openers needed to be programmed, great, do we really need so many options on simply lifting and shutting overhead doors? The former home I lived in had way too much storage in many remote locations and thus a lot of similar items quietly separately, accumulated, and finally made themselves evident when the moving process commenced. Now in ONE space all of this “stuff” needs to be evaluated, gathered and shelved.

Now that the home is occupied, we can get an idea of how all these various features work together for the experience of life. The idea was to decrease reoccurring utility costs, ease the daily routine of living, and lift my spirit through the embrace of the natural setting. I would have to say all of those goals have been achieved, or exceeded.

The heating/cooling system is one of THE most pleasant surprises of all. It ramps up the heat rapidly, unlike the old heat pump systems that would labor for hours to raise the interior temperatures. This new ductless Panasonic unit is quiet and would seem very efficient with it high ratings, plus I’ve got supplies in all the the bigger rooms…very comfortable.

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