Home Plans

After four years of development, employing 2 architects and one home designer, all critical to the developmental concept of the home, it came down to the company that could take all these comprehensive, commendable ideas into one unified concept that would make sense to people as they walk through the home. The custom home design company had to listen carefully to all the ideas, environmental issues, ecological and green needs of the building and home owner.

Mike Barclay of Barclay Home Design of Portland, Oregon, had the vision the New Cottage in the Woods team needed. The images below are the latest architectural plans for the custom home.

In addition to Mike Barclay of Barclay Custom Homes, the New Cottage in the Woods team worked with Harold Long of Hillsboro, Oregon, and Andrew Montgomery of Terraforma Architects.

To download PDF files of the New Cottage in the Woods plans, right click and save the files below.