The Skeleton Bones of the New Home Are Complete

After five weeks of nailing boards together, and covering over the framework with sheets of plywood, we have a legitimate building, in three dimensions. Then the fun begins, walking around the inside of the structure and deciding how to coordinate consistently applied details. . . heights of doorways, dropped ceilings, sill levels of windows, posts or no posts, 1/2 walls.

I had asked my designer, Mike Barclay, of Barclay Home Design, to come out and review our interpretation of his plans, asking for his input on shortcomings, and oversights. Since this is really MY home, I took some liberties that I would have ordinarily sought out his permission to rearrange the design. The front door entry sequence was altered greatly, my call. Mike wasn’t happy. . . sorry.

My interior designer, Susan Green, also came out for a walk thru. We analyzed the interior space. We added a seat in the master shower, plus a 45 degree wall for the shower valve and spray head, further we reduced a wall to a splash zone, and opened it up to the master bath. In the guest bath we added a privacy wall at the toilet, and dropped the ceiling over the tub/shower unit. Small stuff admittedly, but with a lot of impact.

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