Living Room toward window and sky lights - New Cottage in the Woods with Rick Bernard.We are at the point where all of the previous selections and decisions are coming in harmony. Before this we were looking at the different aspects individually, now the full orchestra is assembling. The different instruments are tuning up, and WOW.

We are also at the final stages where all of the individual hidden problems are becoming evident…tile short ordered, missing light fixtures, craftsmen overburdened, miscommunication, all of the stuff that often can become wonderful. We get credit for it all, good and bad, but the important thing is how does the unified spirit sing? It would seem that maybe I’ll be swept away. Just give me a chance to get the cardboard picked up off the floor, paper pulled off the windows, and get the lighting to create dusk ambiance.

I attempted to clean my own windows myself, well the front door system with it’s glass door and flanking sidelights, only took 2 1/2 hours to sparkle through, I had second thoughts about completing the task sometime this summer. I called C. Moore Clearly to do the job, and now it’s time to dust, nice problem.

Time has passed, and I’ve now been in the New Cottage for roughly 3 weeks. What a trying transition. From 140 boxes on the floor, to dealing with the final billings…occasionally I catch a glimpse of the easy accommodations and the warmth of nesting into this spiritual embrace.

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