Framing the Absolute Surfaces

The third dimension has finally become reality. I’ve been living in 2 dimensions for over four years. The paper plans of 24″ X 36″ pages, have been cut apart and taped back together on many occasions.

The closest I’ve come before, has been putting masking tape on the floor of large garages with wood stakes extending up in the air, to mark the ceiling heights of the spaces, we were going to build. But now that the post and beam structure, with plumbing supply and waste piping installed, has been approved by the building officials, we can deck that space over with 1 1/8″ tongue and groove plywood. Now we can start building the walls, using the kiln-dry lumber supplied by Parr Lumber, and my favorite salesman, Scott Knight. We will be able to attain the magic number of 19% of moisture or less for the frame easily.

I love the solid feel to the floor diaphragm, there is very little deflection to this surface, jump up and down with full force and it is solid, plus excellent for a stereo system to thump. Just what we want. WOW!

Now I can actually walk around these spaces, and look through the rough openings of the windows, to see if we actually lined up with the views we were trying to capture in the outdoor world. Well, we did quite well – THANK YOU.

3 thoughts on “Framing the Absolute Surfaces

  1. Great photos Rick. You’ve got a way with words as well! Please let me know once your roof goes on and windows are in. I think it would be ideal to frame walk your house at this stage to go over the following requirements:

    Thermal Enclosure Checklist Mechanical Ventilation Zonal Pressure Relief

    I still have to create your EA points worksheet for you to review as well. I can do that by Friday.


    *Ryan Shanahan * CPHC, PHIUS+ Rater *Green Building Consultant *

    *E * *C* 971.344.7227

    *Earth Advantage* // Better Buildings Now / portland, or

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